Service commitment
In the pipeline pipeline construction in China, Daqing, Liaohe, Dagang, Shengli, Xinjiang north, Central Plains, Changqing, Yumen Oilfield and Shengli offshore oil company and so on, we can provide high-quality products and services, widely praised by users, especially in marine oil long distance submarine pipeline pigging technology and pigging experience, our company is in the leading position in china. In 2008 our company designed and manufactured the first domestic DN1400 PN10 insulation joint, in the design and manufacture of insulating joint technology in the domestic leading level. In 2009 our company successfully developed a fast opening blind plate PN10Mpa and PN10Mpa DN1500 DN2000, ranks the first in the same industry. In a large natural gas pipeline project in China, such as the west east gas pipeline, Shaanxi Beijing line, Shibuya - ning - LAN, of line, Beijing - stone - Handan, Ji nan - Zibo - Qingdao - Haikou, East Lake, Hangzhou, Hangzhou - Ningbo - natural gas pipelines, gas transmission from west to East, south of Henan Branch West East Gas Pipeline North Branch, Nanjing natural gas pipeline network, Suzhou natural gas pipeline network, Hangzhou natural gas pipeline network, Shaoxing natural gas pipeline network, Ningbo natural gas pipeline network, Foshan natural gas pipeline network, Shanxi natural gas pipeline is to provide high-quality products and services, and win customers a good reputation.