Market coverage

In the pipeline pipeline construction in China, Daqing, Liaohe, Dagang, Shengli, Xinjiang north, Central Plains, Changqing, Yumen Oilfield and Shengli offshore oil company and so on, we can provide high-quality products and services, widely praised by users, especially in marine oil long distance pipeline pigging technology and pigging experience, our company is in the leading position in china. In 2008 our company designed and manufactured the first domestic DN1400 PN10 insulation joint, in the design and manufacture of insulating joint technology in the domestic leading level. In 2009 our company successfully developed a fast opening blind plate PN10Mpa and PN10Mpa DN1500 DN2000, ranks the first in the same industry. In a large natural gas pipeline project in China, such as the west east gas pipeline, Shaanxi Beijing line, Shibuya - ning - LAN, of line, Beijing - stone - Handan, Ji nan - Zibo - Qingdao - Haikou, East Lake, Hangzhou, Hangzhou - Ningbo - natural gas pipelines, gas transmission from west to East, south of Henan Branch West East Gas Pipeline North Branch, Nanjing natural gas pipeline network, Suzhou natural gas pipeline network, Hangzhou natural gas pipeline network, Shaoxing natural gas pipeline network, Ningbo natural gas pipeline network, Foshan natural gas pipeline network, Shanxi natural gas pipeline is to provide high-quality products and services, and win customers a good reputation.
Our company has the confidence and ability to provide high quality products and good service, make our duty for the smooth production engineering. The domestic key project performance is as follows:
Submarine pipeline:Boxi oil and gas field, Bohai oil fields, Bozhong 26-2 oil field, 19-3 oil and gas field, 17-2 oil and gas field, Suizhong 361-1, Qinhuangdao 32-6, Hainan 1-1, Eastern Daishan oil and gas field, east of Shell, BZ-25-1, Chunxiao oil and gas field, the East China Sea oil and gas fields in Pinghu and other large domestic submarine pipeline.
Terminal storage pipeline: Zhuhai winbase international chemical storage Co. Ltd., Guangzhou Petrochemical Wharf, Guangzhou East Malaysia, Zhanjiang grain and oil storage oil wharf in Austria depot, CNOOC Nanhai Shell Petrochemical Industries Co limited liability company, Huizhou Huade depot, Shanghai (Jinshan) Vopak Terminal Co. Ltd., Vopak Tianjin Logistics Co. Ltd., Shandong Rizhao Port Company Limited, Shanghai Fu Bao Secco Petrochemical Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Jinxiang chemical fuel storage, Shanghai Pudong limited liability company, Nanjing Oude, Yangzhou winbase warehousing, Holland Mobil, Dalian Beiliang port depot, Dalian Port vegetable oil reservoir, Tianjin Kerry Oil Industry Co., Ltd., Zhoushan Zhonghai cereals and oils industry Tianjin Longwei Industrial Company, Zhongsheng grain and oil (Dongguan) grain and oil storage and Sheng (Tianjin), Yingkou grain and oil, grain and oil storage terminal LG Bohai chemical Tianjin golden Chemical Co. Ltd., Sinopec Baishawan oil storage project construction project, Sinopec Shanghai petrochemical Limited by Share Ltd SPC SECCO wharf engineering, Chinese materials send each other oil lubricating oil factory - east Yangtze River Terminal lubricating oil zone, Tianjin petrochemical sales company in South Xinjiang oil wharf, Shenzhen light Department of oil depot, Taishan Petrochemical Wharf, Xiaohu Petrochemical Terminal Co. Ltd., Hong Kong Wharf Co. Ltd., chongnanhui chemical storage company, Sinopec Guangdong province Zhanjiang three Ridge Hill depot warehousing, Sinopec Guangdong Yangjiang oil depot storage, Sinopec Guangdong Enping oil depot storage, Sinopec Heshan, Sinopec Guangzhou oil depot Hill site storage depot Huang Bian warehousing, warehousing, Sinopec Shunde oil depot in Whampoa  Guangzhou fei e warehouse, Guangzhou Chang Gang, Sinopec Shenzhen oil depot storage depot in Dapeng Bay warehousing, Sinopec Shenzhen Mawan depot warehousing, Sinopec Huizhou Dayawan petrochemical Zhongshan oil depot Zehua warehousing, warehousing, Sinopec Zhuhai oil depot Bian Tang oil storage, Sinopec Zhuhai oil depot, Foshan Fu Wan warehouse gate oil storage, warehousing, depot of Foshan Xin Xi Foshan Bei Cun, Guangzhou Huadu oil storage depot warehousing, storage and transport of oil depot project Li sha.
Natural gas pipeline: Yulin - Ji nan gas pipeline project, the west east gas pipeline, Shaanxi Beijing line, Shibuya - ning - LAN, of line, Beijing - stone - Handan, Ji nan - Zibo - Qingdao - Haikou, East Lake, Hangzhou, Hangzhou - Ningbo - natural gas pipelines, natural gas pipeline network in Hebei Province, Shaanxi Province, natural gas pipeline network Anhui Province, natural gas pipeline, Zhejiang natural gas pipeline, Shanxi natural gas pipeline, CNOOC Guangdong natural gas pipeline, Guangdong Dapeng LNG, Fujian LNG, Shanghai LNG, west east gas pipeline South Henan Branch, west east gas pipeline North Branch, Nanjing natural gas pipeline network, Suzhou, Hangzhou natural gas pipeline network Shaoxing gas pipeline, gas pipeline, Ningbo natural gas pipeline network, Foshan natural gas pipeline network, Ma anshan natural gas pipeline network. Nanjing branch, Sichuan East gas transmission from Sichuan to East Jinling Petrochemical Branch, Qin Shen gas pipeline, Sichuan East gas transmission line, the Sichuan East Gas - Huangmei Jiujiang branch, Jiangxi natural gas pipeline network, Yantai natural gas pipeline network, Songnan gas field.
Crude oil pipeline: Niger AGADEM oilfield ground construction engineering project procurement, Niger crude oil pipeline project, east line, east line, Korla Shanshan oil line, Sultan line, Guangzhou Petrochemical Ma Guangzhou line and the East China Sea oil and gas fields in Pinghu, Daqing - Harbin pipeline, Liaohe refinery, Sinopec Liaoyang, lingqin line, Sinopec Jin Yan line, line, Sinopec ZhongLuo Sinopec, Sinopec Changlin Ren Cang line line, the oil line, Shanghai - Ningbo Ren Bao - ning, Yichang along the pipeline, Zhoushan national oil reserve base in Zhenhai engineering, national oil reserve base project, Huangdao national oil reserve base project.
Refined oil pipeline: orchid - to - Chongqing oil pipeline, Hainan Meilan Airport Aviation fuel pipeline, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport Aviation Fuel Pipeline in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou - Ningbo oil storage and Transportation Company Limited oil pipeline, Jingmen - Jingzhou oil pipeline, Golmud - Lhasa oil pipeline renovation, the Pearl River Delta, southwest oil pipeline oil pipeline, Henan Los - Zheng - in oil pipeline, Beijing oil pipeline, Kim Kingswood oil pipeline, Shijiazhuang - Taiyuan oil pipeline, Jiangxi - nine - Zhang Chang oil pipeline, Shandong and Anhui two refined oil, oil product oil pipeline twoland line, Sinopec Kunming - Dali, Liuzhou Guilin, Huanghua port - CNOOC petrochemical oil, ZOJE blue - Zheng - a product oil pipeline, three Santanghu oil pipeline.