Corporate culture

"The Analects of Confucius:" people can not Hony, go15". That ambitious, strong willed, firm and indomitable. Xin people always uphold is the "perseverance", never give up spirit.
The ancients said: "you know the real feeling of false". The actual meaning is true, the only identity. The "practical" is the embodiment of the Shenyang Xin "pragmatic" spirit and "honest" attitude. Shenyang Xin Lian in development, introverted and unassuming, down-to-earth, to focus on business.
strive for change
Innovative ideas, unremitting self-improvement, adhere to the road of independent innovation, is the consensus of people xinlian. The "book of changes": "heaven, the gentleman to unremitting self-improvement", which means man should follow the example of day, positive enterprising, never stop. Xin Xin Road is from a starting point to another starting point, continue to go beyond the self, the dream of success.
"Tolerance", "the strong". Inclusive humanistic spirit has been the most deep Xin in the corporate culture, specifically in the open, compatible, and learn widely from others strong points to be the first, this is the main experience of Xin establishment, development and growth.